Get a profitable Accounting Business from day one and ongoing

Business support from our experts.

Our Franchise Offering gives you an Accounting Company PLUS 20 clients to start with.

Company Partners, co-founded by an Accountant in 2013, was profitable in its first month of business. How? Purely because it had an infrastructure and small client base to start with. Now we employ 32 permanent staff and has a turnover exceeding R20 million per annum.

We know how important a foundation is when starting an Accounting Company – that’s why we’re now offering the same opportunity to other Accounting Professionals.

3 Steps to owning a South African Accounting Company:


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Interested? Contact our Co-Founder and Director, Liam Stander on this email address: franchise(_at_)

7 Reasons a Accounting Franchise will work for you

  1. Proven Business Model – Start your Accounting Business with 20 guaranteed recurring paying Clients.
  2. Have the right team behind you from day one.
  3.  Receive training on how to run your Business and use our Systems. Our professional Accountant and Partner provides training in Johannesburg. Luxury accommodation for your training is provided.
  4. Operate and grow your Business under the strong and established Company Partners brand.
  5. Receive ongoing toll free assistance and support from our Accountant / Partners.
  6. Business email and website.
  7. Work from home – control of your work-life balance and flexible hours, and keep your cost down.

Requirements of a Company Partners Accounting Franchise:

  1. Full Time. You need to own an Accounting Business; or have the intention to start an Accounting Practice full time.
  2. Registered. You or one of your partners need to be registered at CIMA, SAIPA, SAIBA, ICBA, SAICA, CA, ICSA, IAC, ACCA, MCIBM or SAIGA, and you need at least 2 years Accounting and Bookkeeping experience.
  3. Pass the Test. You need to pass our Application Process consisting of an Online Questionnaire and Interview Process.

Why is Franchising in general beneficial?

1. It is a popular business model in South Africa, including 25% of SA’s Business Gross Revenue. Read more here
2. Pro, you cut risk. Con, you pay upfront to deviate from risk. Read more here
3. 90% success rate vs the general start-up rate of 20% in SA.